McLeod's Parrot Cuisine is a freshly frozen gourmet bird food that was formulated to be a convenient ready to serve meal.  Our "Chefs" combine wholesome ingredients with natural supplements to create a well rounded diet that will tempt the most persnickety parrot.

*All orders are shipped on Mondays and delivered by Tues or Wed.


Important:  If you are located in any other state than Nevada, Utah, Arizona or California you will need to e-mail or call to find out shipping charges.  They can be costly since we are shipping fresh products, we send it next to 2nd day in insulated containers.

If you are located in Nevada, Utah, Arizona or California the shipping prices will come up automatically and are: $20 for 6 bags, $25 for 8 bags, and $30 for 30 bags. 

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Parrot Pilaf
A montage of wholesome grains, legumes and vegetables that is an excellent low fat seed replacement diet. It is a balanced diet for birds that are ground foragers such as cockatiels, lovebirds, and parakeets, larger birds like it too.
$7.95 ea.
Birdie Cornbread
A tasty bread with a crunchy crust of millet, pumpkin seeds and lentils, mixed with plenty of eggs, greens, carrots, corn, corn meal, oat bran and whole wheat flour.
$7.95 ea.
Sweet Potato Pie
A sweet, soft mash of fresh yams and winter squash with surprises of peanut butter, pine nuts, and raisins. Packed with vitamin A, it is great for building strong immune systems and beautiful plumage.
$7.95 ea.
Bee Berry Good Oatmeal
A yummy breakfast food birds love served warm from a spoon. It contains, oatmeal, almond meal and a purple parfait of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, & bee pollen sprinkled on top.
$7.95 ea.
Coconutty Cookies
A delicious treat sweetened with bananas & coconut in a base of oatmeal, wheat flour, eggs, almonds, raisins, & omega 3 rich flax seed.
$7.95 ea.
Chicken Pesto Pasta
A gourmet meal of rainbow pasta, chicken, broccoli, red bell pepper, pine nuts, corn, basil, spirulina, and a dash of olive oil and Parmesan cheese.
$7.95 ea.
Store Locations Carrying Product  
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